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Web Guiding System WG.705

No Cables!

Our experienced staff will never cease to work on new solutions to minimize your effort in guiding and controlling your web. Today we are able to present a new web guide used mainly in the labels industry and the nonwovens industry.

WG.705 is a compact, electronically integrated and onboard keyboard that can be applied in narrow spaces and integrated into existing cars. The length of the roller is 350-700 mm and the guide length is 350-400 mm with a maximum voltage of 500 N.


You can select both Resmart technologies using the MWG.10.1 controller and SmartMotion technology using the WLigo controller. The controller can be integrated with the accelerator wiring and installation operations.


WG.705 can be used with an optical, infrared or ultrasonic sensor to detect the edge or line of any kind of material.


To guarantee a perfect network and communication, external modules, such as a remote keyboard, are connected with the RE CAN interface to increase the level of security interference.

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