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MWG10.1 Webguiding System

MWG10.1 is the new release of the Resmart webguiding system that can offer important improvements both in terms of performance and use and installation..

MWG10.1 pin to pin compatible with the previous version MWG10, is a device for the regulation of the web position using sensors and actuators. Thanks to an algorithm specifically developed for the converting sector by our technicians, the webguiding system generates a corrective action to keep the material in the right position accordingly to the parameters desired by the operator.
MWG10.1 integrates the control logic and the power driver for motors in a single and very compact case.

Compared to the previous version, the webguiding system MWG10.1, can offer:

– new graphic display LCD 2,8″
– new user-friendly graphic for an easy calibration and manage of the system
– greater actuator fluidity
– lower noise

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